Get Streamlined

Using cloud-based technology and lightning fast databases, Plaitoe will undoubtedly make your human resource management processes more effective and efficient.

Minimize Human Error

We are human and each of us make mistakes. Plaitoe is intended to minimize those potential errors and free up your human resource employees, talented management staff, team engagers, or others involved. Plaitoe not only frees up your staff, it helps you and your employees.


Let’s face it. Human resource management can be tedious. Plaitoe helps solve many of these time-consuming tasks through our automated functions.

Powerful Reporting

Designed with your company’s operational performance in mind, Plaitoe utilizes reportable data fields and analytics structured for upper-level management utilization. Furthermore, Plaitoe utilizes automated notifications, for a multitude of important and time-sensitive tasks.
Scalable Technology

Move to The Cloud

Access all of your human resource files and processes at your fingertips. Available at any point in time, from any location. Plaitoe was constructed with the reliability and flexibility of the cloud in mind. Our system replaces your archaic paper system with a safe, secure, and eco-friendly solution.


Just how secure is your lock-and-key file cabinet?

Using enhanced encryption algorithms, Plaitoe guarantees secure storage of the sensitive data required for human resource management.


Tired of heading back to the office to flip through folders and paperwork?

The cloud-based system and infrastructure designed specifically for Plaitoe enables real-time access to all of your information.

Increased Productivity

Free up your human resources team, management staff, and employees by reducing human error. Increase efficiency through our automated notification system. Create flexibility with the cloud-based system of Plaitoe.





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